Starting a janitorial business.
Starting a janitorial business.



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My name is Todd Nichols and since 1983 I have been the owner of Harpeth Cleaning Services in Nashville, Tennessee. I was inspired to spend two years developing an office cleaning start –up package because of a negative movement I saw happening in the office cleaning industry. The trend was centered on huge cleaning franchise companies making giant sums of money selling the “over priced American dream”. These companies are charging outrageous amounts of money to buy a cleaning franchise - that you never really own! These janitorial franchises have initial costs of thousands of dollars and have monthly franchise fees. If you want to see what they are really about, Google (commercial cleaning franchise complaints), and see for yourself! Starting with large debt can destroy your ability to succeed. In fact, some people end up owing money – not making money. Also, you've seen the clean out forclosure guys selling courses when in fact lenders, realtors, and the like call established cleaning services to do their foreclosure cleaning! So, I decided to create a janitorial manual complete with an instructional DVD for only $199 dollars… a fee that is within reach of nearly everybody.  It is on sale right now for $148. This is one of the few businesses in which anyone can succeed - regardless of sex, race, or national origin. You can make excellent money in this low investment, low risk business, and extremely high return business. Most new businesses require thousands of dollars before they open their door for the first time.

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